Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Year's and the Flaming Lips

Let me tell you about New Years. It was about two days ago.

Rios and I watched "The Bourne Ultimatum." It was solid and the fight between the assassins in Tangiers was fantastic.

We left for the city at about 8. Found five dollar parking in Bricktown after fifteen minutes of cruising outside the Cox Communication Center.

Come in at about 9. Stardeath and White Dwarves are ending their set. Whatever.

We kick kids out of our seat. We get laser pointers. The stadium is hot, and smoky. I watch the people in the crowd and everyone points at other people with their lasers. There is a man with dreadlocks and an umbrella hat and he is covered in Christmas lights. There is a girl with large pink hair. A man dressed as a Centurion and an astronaut.

The group of people in front of us are drunk and fun to watch. The show begins and they dance and fall over. I laugh and Rios laughs. The couple next to us gets offended and I hear, "It's really a self-reflection" and they leave. The man says "Excuse me" when he leaves like he's just pissed at the world and I'm not sure if the girl he's with is drunk or just can't keep up because they charge up the stairs with her headlocked and bent over. Thinking back on that, I wonder why they left that way. Hopefully they fucked and it all ended well.

You can't spend time worrying about other people at a kickass time like that, or you're just a tool and it's obvious that you prefer bitching to fun.

The show was loud and they played songs and there were lights during "Vein of Stars." It was great and typical of the Flips. I think I've seen them too much lately. I know their sets well, down to Wayne's speeches between songs.

Bohemian Rhapsody was fun to sing.

When we got home Rios put "Guero" by Beck on Jimmy's radio and we danced and I drank a fourth of that bottle of Basil Hayden's. Rios made spaghetti, it was the shit. My nose felt stuffed so I thought it'd be a good idea to drink tabasco. I drank some. Then my lips burned. So I drank milk.

Some combination of the three released upon my skin some horrible rash. Red like a burn victim and spreading over my back, I calmly informed Rios that I needed to induce vomiting. So I did. It was massive, crusting a half inch on top of the toilet water. Spaghetti noodles lodged in my throat.

I laughed about it and so did Rios but she claimed the smell was horrible. I threw up a bit on my socks, and the next day I forgot about that and wore the socks again.

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