Saturday, January 5, 2008

fist pounder

The new Radiohead album is great.

I want to see "There Will Be Blood" but it's not showing anywhere around OKC anytime soon.

I went to the bank today. It was the one on Main because the one by Blockbuster was closed. It's clean and white inside and everything seems to be new and square. When I was there I saw a woman lose her shit. She made a payment for something and the receipt showed that she'd made it on 1/07/08 which is due to a technicality with "business days" and whatnot. But the bank clerk explained that the funds should go through and that there shouldn't be a problem. She turned to her husband saying "They've got me heated already" and I thought she was being a bit silly. The bank clerk said "Sorry" and the angry woman said "I want you to write down, just get something on official paper that says I did this on the 5th" and clerk said she couldn't and the lady said "Well, when I get the $39 late fee you're gonna split it with me." The clerk said "Ma'am we're...not responsible for that." The lady began to yell and growl. Many 'fucks' were said. There was tension everywhere. I laughed as I watched, because it was funny. On one hand I felt bad for the clerks because it's not their fault, remember people, it is NEVER the clerk's fault for bank policy. It's also not the bank's fault, clerk or no, that you waited until the last second to pay your bill and maybe now you're going to get that $39 fee you're pounding your fist about. On the lady's side, though, it is bullshit that there is such a thing as a "business day" and if you paid for something on the 5th you should get credit for that and not have to pay a fee.

Christ that's a long paragraph. Anyway.

New Y the Last Man is coming. I'm excited. The new Northlanders was good, as was the new "Omega the Unknown". Anyone who digs Lethem will dig his comic series.

That's it for now. Later.

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