Saturday, January 19, 2008

cloverfield first impressions

I don't like writing reviews, I more just ramble. Sorry. If you haven't seen it, don't read this.

"Cloverfield" is sort of clever, and sort of very scary, at least in the beginning. It has no climax really.

The special effects, I hate to say, need improvement. While some of it is great (the night vision bugs, the monster getting bombed, etc.) other scenes look ridiculous (the monster up close).

The acting in any other movie would be considered terrible. So I won't pretend like it's not. It's soap acting and soap panicking and soap running. Okay maybe I made the last part up, but this chick runs from monsters in her heels, I mean come on.

What's good about it is the sense of terror you get watching it. If you suspend the disbelief for even a second, this shit is scary. There were scenes where I had my mouth open.

The black guy next to me informed me that he thought it was wack. I disagreed, but could see where he was coming from.

The bugs look like Starship Trooper bugs.

Nobody said "fuck" once the whole movie. There was some R gore, though, for sure. How they got away with the soldier's open chest cavity and the chick exploding I'll never know.

Who would have thought that the only survivor would be the brother's girlfriend?

What did you guys think?

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