Thursday, June 11, 2009

cranky cell phone rant

Cell phones are evil. I killed mine two days ago. Smashed it into three pieces: top, bottom, SIM. Don't really regret it. Might not get a new one, might opt for the land line. Cell phones have enabled our already flaky culture to flake out on the hardcore, for sure. Plans no longer matter. You can no longer agree to meet a friend at, say, 9 o'clock at a certain bar the following night. Just doesn't work that way. This person you're going to meet, they are so used to being able to evaporate meetings with the touch of a button, that it may not even occur to them that you are going to be sitting at this bar at 9, with your thumb lodged in your ass. This isn't a reflection on anyone's character, or maybe it is, I don't know. What it does say is that cell phones are the great fuck-up of this generation. They are evil. When was the last time you saw your kids without that bluish glow ghosting their face? The click of the Blackberry opening is the Pavlov dog whistle of this age. People need it. It frightens me, I am an old man. Oddly, these internets don't bug me much. Cause when I leave the house, I don't take them with me. I could, of course. With a cell phone.

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