Tuesday, May 19, 2009

stop crying, you whiny drama llama feministing commenters

I like going to feministing.com. I think it's a well-run website. Most of the contributors are intelligent people. But I'm going to need to stop reading the comment section. If I read one more, "OMG, I'm seriously crying right now" reply to an article about a stupid sexist ad or some sexist scene from a comedy movie, I'm going to scream. These people need to learn how to discuss issues without being drama llamas. Seriously, there are things worth crying about (genocide in Darfur, anyone?), and there are things that need to be mocked and laughed at (stupid sexist ads, for instance). The whole crying thing just makes you look retarded, and in a way, weak. I just picture these women walking around, crying all day, pausing momentarily to watch Flight of the Conchords or that cartoon squirrel that's always being angry and snarky, then going back to crying. "Argh! They've used sex to sell something again! I'm so RIGHTEOUSLY INDIGNANT."

"Argh"? WTF. Evidently, in my mind, all these women are Jon Arbuckle. He'd stop crying, if only Garfield would stop eating lasagna.

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