Sunday, December 30, 2007


There is two dollars and some change curled in an empty box of Wal-Mart brand medicated chest rub. I am not sure why it's there. I want to take it, maybe for a coke, but it seems to be there for a reason.

I'm folding a giant pile of laundry.

The grass is gold and it's warm outside but I wish that winter would just hit us full on. It's too much of a tease.

Saw a golden retriever dragging its tiny French looking owner along today. I sat on my porch and watched it, half because it was funny and a quarter because it was a beautiful dog and another quarter because if it shit on my lawn the walker and I were going to have words.

Rios took me out last night to Taco Cabana. I had Sour Cream chicken enchiladas and a Dos Equis and Rios had a cherry Fanta and a quesadilla which she didn't finish so I did. It's got nothing on Taco Bell's quesadilla. What's up with that place being so delicious?

We have this picture in Kirklands, it's a map and it's got Latin words written around it and I'm passing the time trying to translate it with no help whatsoever. So far I've translated "illustratus" and the prefix "terra" and I'm trying desperately to remember "integro" which I know forms integrity or integral. Maybe it means "center"?

As you can see, I've got three words out of about ten or eleven. I'm on the fucking case. And I'm also really bored at work. The store is empty, closing. So what the fuck?

I think I'm going to see Sweeney Todd tonight. Looking forward to it.

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