Thursday, July 28, 2011

a list Eric found that I wrote under some kind of influence

I think there are some clues as to what was altering my brain, here. Scribbled on a notebook page:

Time, aliens, sex, alcohol, fractals, Mayan symbology, voodoo, poetry, spiders, monkeys, loving someone but knowing you can't be with them, fire, eschatology, Nietschze, cell phones, Derrida, muffins, coffee, punk girls, girls that are interested in me, girls that are interesting, zebras, pens, old photographs, the cosmos, porn, hoodies, parkour, smart dogs, cartwheels, everything moving in circles, the importance of dreams, Jung, Freud, skinheads, tattoos, asses, watching your loved one move on, dumb dogs, towns that smell like dog food, oranges, winter candy apple, lines, beer, cleaning, the beard off my bathroom sink, poetry, honesty, girls with cool shoes, firecrackers, Four Loko, numerology, the fifth dimension, interconnectivity, loneliness, fear, hate, belonging, ayahuasca, Judaica, the Bible, *can't make it out*, Siddhartha, Buddha.

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