Wednesday, June 29, 2011

manuscript editing service

I spent the better part of last week busting my ass in a tire shop. My body got stronger, but my mind quickly folded. I have done enough hard labor. Time to put this English degree to good use. I am offering up my services, limited though they might be, to anyone who is interested. If you have a short story or manuscript that needs editing, I am your man. I have a novel and numerous short stories in print, and I have spent my four years in college. I have a solid grasp on the English language. I will do quality work in a timely manner. (Do you like that? It's what I put on resumes.) The pricing list is as follows:

Short Stories:
2000 words or less: $50
2000-3000 words: $70
3000-4000 words: $80
Anything over 4000 words will need to be discussed in order for me to draw up a customized cost summary.

Manuscript services (Line Edits with manuscript critique):
50000 words - $250
60000-70000 words - $300
70000 - 85000 words $350
85000 and above - please email.

Manuscript Services (proofread/summary edit):
50000 words - $150
60000-70000 words - $200
70000 - 85000 words $300
85000 and above - please email.

Query Letters:
Creation - $50
Rewrite - $40

*Academic and Non-Fiction prices vary and are not including in the pricing above*
*While I feel that an author should write their own queries, I'm happy to offer critiques of query letters free of charge.*

For all projects, please include the following:
* Story genre
* What type of editorial service you're looking for (line edit, proofread, manuscript critique[pacing/plot], query letter review and/or creation)
* A short summary/synopsis (1 page or less)
* The word count/projected word count
* The first ten pages of your manuscript/story

You get some quality edits, I get to eat. Fair trade?

(thanks to Tee Tate for writing these prices
and guidelines out and Adrienne Crezo for sharing)

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TS Tate said...

Whoever wrote those prices is a freakin genius! LOL