Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fuck teabaggers and the right wing in general

The right wing is a joke. They are protesting tax cuts with signs that say "NO MORE TAXATION." This whole Dick Armey teabagging thing is fucking retarded. Krugman had a good word for it, not sure if it was his, but he called it an "Astroturf" movement, meaning that it's been cheaply made to look grassroots. It's a bunch of old white Republicans organizing a bunch of middle-class white retards to wave placards that say everything from "OBAMA IS A SOCIALIST" to listing all of the Dems they feel should be lynched. Cesca over at HuffPo pointed out that they're protesting in publicly funded (socialist) parks. On that note, none of these folks are allowed to do the following: receive Medicare, go to a library or send their kids to public school, and those are just off the top of my head. These are all socialist institutions. God the fucking retardation of this group just floors me. They live in a complete fantasy world. I get the same feeling watching them as I do with the people who go to Star Trek conventions. They get out of their mom's basement, dress up, surround themselves with people with similar delusions, and pretend with all that they're worth that the world is different than it really is, not because their lives are hard, no, these people, most of them grew up middle-class. They do all of this because their lives are BORING. I don't mean average boring, like, "Man, I wish this class would end," or "Jeez, he just keeps talking," boring, I mean soul-crushingly, existentially, "I wake up every morning and go to the same meaningless job to buy meaningless shit I've been tricked into wanting so that my wife and kids will keep pretending to love me" boring. And if you're American and this great, Cthulu-like demon of Boredom snags you, you will fall into one of three categories. The first is the I AM RICH category. You tour Europe or buy a space station or pay a three-headed transexual hooker to take a dump on your chest. Travel and things and kinks, there is almost no end if you've got cash. This will leave you empty, in the end, but as long as you have money, you may never realize it. The second group are the Teabaggers. You discover or create a villain. Common targets: the government, the self, the Romulans. After you've created this shadowy figure, you rail against it for all you're worth, because if you can kill it and stand over it and breathe the sweet fumes of its charred corpse into your lungs, you will have done something Worthwhile. This will also fail, in the end, because those fumes get carried off by the first strong wind, and then you need a new corpse. The third category is the one that works, and it involves a lot of sitting on a pillow in front of a blank wall. That may sound dumb, but it might work, and even if it didn't, at least you wouldn't be splurging on Thai boys or standing in your front lawn swinging a plastic lightsaber at lawn demons. Speaking of delusions, fuck Glenn Beck and the horse he pretended to ride in on. I saw this adult retard at Wal-Mart today, and he was standing in front of the store trying to shake everyone's hand and saying HELLO really loud with his big melon head, and I got this feeling like I know everyone gets, like, first off, I hope this dude doesn't talk to me, and second, who let him out of his cage? That's kind of how I feel about Glenn Beck.

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