Thursday, January 22, 2009

torture collar

Today I was walking Kahlua and we passed by an old woman walking her golden retriever. She said, "Oh, my, look at the pretty puppy. She's so pretty. How are you? What do you have on your face? Why does she have that on her face?"

Kahlua is a crazy beast, and I got tired of listening to her strangle herself on her normal leash, so I bought her the Gentle Leader, which looks like this:

And it keeps the pressure off of her neck. She walks like a normal dog when its on.

The old woman said, "I hate that. I think that makes dogs mean. She's a good dog, she probably doesn't even bark."

I just nodded and told her to have a nice day. Why do random people throw their two cents in all the time? I watched this woman let her dog shit in someone's yard, and she didn't pick it up. But did I say anything? No, I minded my own business.

btw I looked online and this thing has gotten like 95% glowing reviews. The one bad review I read was from a guy who (shock!) was trying to sell his own brand of dog collar.

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