Thursday, January 29, 2009


We got snow here. At least, I think it's snow. I've heard rumors of "globules". Don't think I buy that. It's snow, and ice, and we Oklahomans suck in it. I nearly busted my ass walking into Happy Garden (which, by the way, is now offering shockingly smaller portions...the whole reason I go there is because 1 meal at Happy Garden typically = 4 meals). Rios busted her ass on the steps, thanks to Kahlua almost busting/panicking. Rios's fine, but Kahlua has looked guilty for the past two days.

School's been canceled for three days. This is good, it's given me time to study Calculus 2. Why on earth I thought I could take Calc 2 w/o Calc 1...I thought the math I had in El Paso was equivalent. I was mistaken. I've never just dropped a class, but this is starting to seem like a bad idea. And it's a setback, college-wise, but fuck it, I will probably be in college until the Great Serpent begins Its (His? Her?) new cycle.

Conspiracy theory: the entrance to our little apartment complex is covered in ice and snow because of The Man. I've stalled twice trying to get in. The entrances to the neighborhood across the street, which also happens to be the kind of neighborhood where, if you walk past the fences really quick and make that flip-book effect, you can see their swimming pools/grills/dogs, is clean as a whistle, and I know this, because I turned around in this neighborhood to get at my entrance from a different angle. Obviously, this is classism.

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